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Programming .NET Compact Framework 3.5 Second Edition
The C# source code from the book is available here
Released September 21, 2009

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Power management software training for application and device driver developers
Due out in early 2010.
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"P/Invoke Wizard is one of the best tools I have ever used. Thanks for the great service and, of course, the tool speaks for itself. "

-- Robert N., Pleasanton, CA

"I did learn a lot from you, and I enjoyed the class."

-- Rocky H., Riverton, WY

"Easy to justify one week away from project work. Thank you!"

-- John C., Senior Software Engineer

"Thanks for your coaching; your expertise and depth of print driver knowledge was a tremendous help in climbing the learning curve."

-- Michelle Y., Calgary, Canada

"The tools and source code are worth the price of admission alone."

-- Jim B., Development Engineer, Boise, ID

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More and more developers are finding that this is the best way to learn a new technology, especially when you have a specific project to work on and a hard-deadline to meet.
PInvoke Wizard -- Version 2.0 Available
P/Invoke Wizard 2.0 Demo download
A tool for .NET developers who need to access native DLL functions.
Save your time and energy using this automated source code generator.
P/Invoke available in Compact Framework book bundle
Buy P/Invoke Wizard Activation Code
Creates PInvoke declarations in C# and VB.NET
Put this tool to work generating code you need - today!
Save your ingenuity for more interesting tasks - Get the PInvoke Wizard.
Enovative Energy - computer power management
Computer power management
Organizations can cut electric bills by thousands of dollars per year with the help of these software solutions
PC power management - save money and the environment. A double-dividend.
Released September 20, 2009
New Book - Programming .NET Compact Framework 3.5, 2nd Ed by Yao & Durant
Rob Tiffany says "...there is no better way to get you up-to speed..."
WE-DIG Sept 2009 -- Powerpoint download
Energy Efficiency for Server, Client, and Embedded Systems
This is the presentation that Paul Yao gave at
the September 2009 WE-DIG meeting at
the Microsoft main campus in Redmond, Washington